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It’s your anniversary! Yes, on 8 June 2015 you registered as a LostCousins member, and ever since I’ve been sending you my newsletters – I hope you enjoy reading them and find them useful.

During the 9 years you’ve been a member you have benefited from free membership – which is fine with me, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on their ‘lost cousins’ simply because they can’t afford to buy a subscription.

But what you might not be aware of is that the cost of LostCousins subscriptions has never increased – it has been fixed at just 10 pounds for a full 12 months ever since 2005. And I’d like to keep it at the same level if I possibly can – though it is increasingly challenging given the way that prices of other things are going up.

Maintaining the subscription price at this low level means encouraging a few more members to pay a subscription each year, and it seems fairest to ask those who have never bought a LostCousins subscription before to help out, if they can afford to do so.

If you’re prepared to support my site by buying a subscription for the first time, simply log-in to your LostCousins account and click ‘Subscribe’ in the website menu – there are many different ways to pay. As a bonus, you can get an extra 3 months by using the code ANNIVERSARY (and this applies whether you choose a single subscription or a joint subscription covering two accounts).

IMPORTANT: unlike other sites LostCousins subscriptions do NOT renew automatically. When your subscription is about to run out I’ll invite you to renew, should you wish to continue supporting my work, but if you do nothing your subscription will expire. There is no need to cancel. 

Should you have forgotten your password just click the link below and enter your email address –

If you would rather not click a link in an email simply go to the LostCousins site and click ‘Password reminder’ in the menu.

Please bear in mind that you can also support the LostCousins project in other ways that won’t cost you a penny – for example, by adding relatives from the 1881 Census to your My Ancestors page. Just a few minutes of your time could make a big difference for one of your distant cousins (and perhaps for you too).

You can also support LostCousins by using the links in my newsletters, for example when you buy a new subscription to Ancestry or Findmypast, or a DNA test – or even books and some other items.

Thanks for reading this email. There is no need to respond unless you need my help or advice – which is free and willingly given to ALL who are doing their best to connect with the other members who share their ancestors.

Best wishes,

Peter Calver

Founder – LostCousins

Note: emails are only sent to members who have opted to receive my newsletters; if you would rather not receive my newsletters just change the setting on your My Details page – under ‘Privacy settings’.

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