Map Collection

The Content of this collection was found whilst clearing out an Architect’s office suite in Park Row, Leeds, they were destined for the skip.

All maps in our collection are available for viewing by arrangement as they are kept in a secure location, please contact us for futher information.

We also have a selection of The Godfrey Edition of Old Ordnance Survey Maps for thr Local Area including the following

Batley 1892, Batley 1905, Cleckheaton 1905, Dewsbury 1889,  Dewsbury 1905, Drighlinton (W) & Westgate Hill 1905, Gomersal & Birstall 1905, Hanging Heaton 1892, Heckmondwike 1905 Holmfirth 1904, Thornhill Lees 1905, Tong 1905, Staincliffe & Batley Carr 1892, Staincliffe & Batley Carr 1906,

Leeds - Rothwell1933YorkshireCCXIXSharlston, New Sharlston, Sharlston Green
Leeds - Bramley1909YorkshireCLXIXBeacon Hill House, Spring Well House, Langbar, Heald Plane, Cunliffe Wood, Heald Wood, Beach House FarmWharfe
Leeds - Kirkstall1921YorkshireCCII (16Kirkstall, Kirkstall Abbey, Kirkstall Forge, Beckitts Park, Kirkstall Brewery,Lincroft Gardens, Queenswood
Leeds - Crossgates1934YorkshireCCIII (16)Seacroft
Leeds - Headingley1921YorkshireCCIII (13)Headingley, Headingley Hill,Hyde Park, Hyde Park Corner, Woodall Cliff, New HuddersfieldVictoria Road, Headingley Lane Woodall LaneNorth Eastern Railway - Leeds Northern
Leeds - Meanwood1908YorkshireCCIII (14)Woodhouse, Woodhouse Carr, Buslingthorpe Tannery, Newton Park, Potter Newton, Gledhow Wood, Harehills CornerMeanwood Road
Leeds - Gipton1908YorkshireCCIII (15)Gipton Wood, Gipton Pit, Oakwood, Arthurs ReinRoundhay Road
Leeds - Allerton1921YorkshireCCIII (10)Moor Allerton, Allerton, Chapel Allerton, Lidgett Park, Gledhow Hall, Gledhow Lane
Leeds - Pudsey1908YorkshireCCII (15)Rodley, Farsley Beck Bottom, Bramley Fall, Bramley, Moorside, Bradley HILL, Intake, Beecroft HillRiver Aire, Leeds Liverpool Canal
Leeds - Killingbeck1908YorkshireCCXVIII (3)Killingbeck, Killingbeck Smallpox Hospital, Harehills Cemetery,Broomhill, Whitebeck Recreation Ground, Killingbeck FarmYork Road, Founfry LaneNorth Eastern Railway - Leeds & Selby
Leeds - Burmantofts1933YorkshireCCXVIII (2)Little London, The laylands, Primrose Hill, Burmantofts, Mabgate, Mawson FieldPark Row, Cookeridge Street, Headrow, North Street
Leeds - Scholes1908YorkshireCCIV (13)Leeds, Scholes, Stanks, Barnbow Plantation, Limekiln Hill,Barnbow WoodWood laneNorth Eastern Railway - Leeds & Weatherby
Leeds - Headingley1933YorkshireCCXVIII (1)Headingley, Little Woodhouse, University, Bagby Fields
Leeds - Yeadon1934YorkshireCCII (2)Yeadon, Henshaw
Leeds - Chapel Allerton1934YorkshireCCIII (10)Chapel Allerton, Lidgett Park, Gledhow Park, GledhowScot Hall Road,Gledhow Valley Road, Harrogate Road
Leeds - Barkston1908YorkshireCCIII (12)The Hawthorns, Lime Pitts Wood,Low Wood, Grimes Dyke Farm, Winmoor
Leeds - Gipton1908YorkshireCCIII (15)Gipton Wood, Gipton Pit, Arthurs ReinRoundhay RoadLow Moor Collery Railway
Leeds - WoodlesfordYorkshireCCXVIII (16)WoodlesfordPontefract RoadLondon Midland & Scottish Railway, LNER
Leeds - West Park1921YorkshireCCII (12)Horsforth Woodside, Hawksworth Quarry, Hawksworth Wood, Headingley, West park,North Eastern Railway, Leeds Northern
Beamsley1909YorkshireCLXIX (5)Beamsley, Low park, Heald plane, Langbar, White HillRiver Wharfe, Bolton Road
Sharlston1933YorkshireCCXLIX (5)Sharlston, New Sharlston, Sharlston CommonLondon Midland & Scottish Railway Snydale Branch
Clayton West1931YorkshireCCLXI (16)Earths Plantation, Toppit, Hoyland Hill, High HoylandHollin house Lane, Upper Common Lane
West Bretton1932YorkshireCCLXII (5)West Bretton, Bretton Park, Bretton HallLondon Midland & Scottish Railway - Barnsley Branch
Bradford1891YorkshireCCXVI (8.3)Bradford Market, Mechanics Institute, Forster Square
Wakefield1933YorkshireCCXLVIII (3)ST johns Ward, Northgate, East Moor, Pinderfields, NewtonLondon North Eastern Railway
Wakefield1932YorkshireCCXLVIII (7)Clarence Park, Primrose Hill, Bellvue Ward,River Calder, Calder & Hebble Navigation CanalLNER - Wakefield Branch, LMS. LNER
Wakefield - Sandal1933YorkshireCCXVIII (11)Castle Hill, Sandal Common, PortobelloRiver Calder, Calder & Hebble Navigation CanalLNER, London Midland & Scottish
Leeds - Bramley1908YorkshireCCXVII (3)Priestly Mill, Swinnow, Park Quarries, Hough End, Bramley, Stanningley ParkGNER - Pudsey & Low Moor Branch, GNR - Leeds Bradford & Halifax
Leeds - Adel East1908YorkshireCCIII (5)Adel Towers, Fox Hill, Scotland Wood, Black MoorKing Lane, Smithy Mills Lane
Leeds - Adel East1934YorkshireCCIII (5)Adel Towers, Fox Hill, Scotland Wood, Black MoorKing Lane, Smithy Mills Lane
Brighouse1933YorkshireCCXXXI (15)BrighouseRiver CalderLMS, LMS Balif Bridge Br
Nesfield with Lanbar1909YorkshireCLXIX (9)Nesfield, ParkRiver WharfeMidland Skipton & Ilkley Br
Low Moor1908YorkshireCCXVII (11)Upper Moor Side, Cockers Dale, Great Wood, Roker Road BottomTong road, Whitehall Road, Pudsey Beck
Gildersome1932YorkshireCCXVII (15)Gildersome, Adwalton. Drighlington, Moor HeadWhitehall Road, Gelderd Road
Gildersome1908YorkshireCCXVII (15)Gildersome, Adwalton. Drighlington, Moor HeadWhitehall Road, Gelderd Road
Potternewton1908YorkshireCCCIII (4)Gledhow Wood, Potternewton, Potternewton Park, Newton park, Buslingthorpe, Scott Hall Quarry, Newton Green Hill, Harehills, New Leeds,Harehills Road, Roundhay Road, Meanwood Beck
Potternewton1934YorkshireCCCIII (4)Gledhow Wood, Potternewton, Potternewton Park, Newton park, Buslingthorpe, Scott Hall Quarry, Newton Green Hill, Harehills, New Leeds,Harehills Road, Roundhay Road, Meanwood Beck
Leeds - Roundhay1908YorkshireCCIII (11)Roundhay, Roundhay Park, Bramwood, Cobble Hill, Ladywood, Waterloo Lake
Leeds - Seacroft1908YorkshireCCIII (16)Seacroft, Seacroft hall
Leeds - Gipton1908YorkshireCCIII (15)Gipton, Gipton pit, arthurs ReinRoundhay Road, Wyke BeckLow Moor Colliery Railway
Leeds - Shadwell1933YorkshireCCIII (8)Shadwell, Red HallWin Moor lane
Leeds - Bramley1921YorkshireCCXVII (4)Bramley Union WorkhouseStaningley Road, Kirkstall Road, Leeds & liverpool canalMidland, GNR Leeds Bradford & halifax
Leeds - Wortley1933YorkshireCCXVII (8)Wortley Upper, Wortley Lower, farnley, swallow HillTong RoadLNER
1921YorkshireCCXVII (80Nan Wins Wood, Cockers DaleWhitehall Road
Leeds - Stourton1932YorkshireCCXVIII (11)Thorpe Hall Pastures, Sewageworks, Skelton GrangeAire & Calder Navigation, River Aire,Waterloo Main Colliery railway, LMS Stourton sidings, LNER Hunslet Br
Leeds1932YorkshireCCXVIII (12)New Sam GreenWyke BeckWaterloo Main Colliery Railway
Pool bank1934YorkshireCLXXXVII (11)Pool Bank, Old bramhopeOld Bramhope lanr, Old Otley road, Harrogate Road, Pool Bank New Road
Beamsley1909YorkshireCLXIX (5)Beamsley Beacon, Howber Hill, Beamsley, langbar, Black HillRiver Wharfe
Leeds - Scarcroft1934YorkshireCCIII (4)ScarcroftBay Horse Lane
Leeds - Meanwood1934YorkshireCCIII (5)East Adel MoorMeanwood ring road
Leeds - Pudsey1933YorkshireCCXVII (7)little Moor Bottom, Farnley Park, Troydale, Park SpringLNER low Moor 7 Pudsey Br
Leeds - Wortley1932YorkshireCCXVII (12)Farnley Fireclay Works, New farnleyGelderd RoadLMS, LMSR HeatonLodge & Wortley, Farnley Br
Harewood1908YorkshireCLXXXVIII (10)Harewood park, Piper Wood, Carr House park, Stank, High Wendley
Otley1934YorkshireCLXXXVII (5)OtleyRiver WharfeLMS, LNER Otley & Wharfedale Joint
Leeds - Stourton1908YorkshireCCXVIII (11)Thorpe Stapleton, Skelton Grange, Haigh ParkRiver Aire, Aire & calder NavigationGNR Hunslet Br, Stourton sidings, waterloo main Colliery railway
Morley1933YorkshireCCXXXII (8)Morley, Tingley Common,Scotsman lane, Britannia Road, Bradford Road, rein Road, Howley parkLMS, LNER Ardsley & , LNER Beeston & Batley
Batley1922YorkshireCCXXXII (11)lamplands, Bankfoot, Lower Soothill, Clerk Green, Healey, Cross bank, carlinghow, bunkers HillLNWR Birstall Br, GNR batley Br, LNWR Leeds & Dewsbury Line
Woodlesford1932YorkshireCCXVIII (16)Woodlesford, Rothwell Haigh QuarriesAire & Calder Navigation, LNER, LMS
Leeds - Kirkstall1934YorkshireCCII (16)KirkstallLeeds Bradford Road, Kirkstall Road, River Aire, Leeds & liverpool canalLNER, LMS
Leeds - Kirkstall1908YorkshireCCII (16)KirkstallLeeds Bradford Road, Kirkstall Road, River Aire, Leeds & liverpool canalLNER, LMS
Leeds - Adel1908YorkshireCCIII (5)Adel East Moor, Tunnel How hill, fox hill
Leeds - BurmantoftsYorkshireCCXVII (2)Little London, Primrose Hill, BurmantoftsYork Road
Leeds - Woodhouse1921YorkshireCCXVIII (1)Little Woodhouse, University, BurleyKirkstall road, Leeds & Liverpool canalNER Leeds Northern, Midland railway, Armley Sidings
Churwell1908YorkshireCCXVIII (13)Beeston, MillshawDewsbury RoadGNR Hunslet Branch, LNWR Leeds & Dewsbury Line
Winmoor1908YorkshireCCIII (12)The Hawthorns, Limepitts Wood, Ramshead Wood, Winmoor Farm Lodge
Leeds - Alwoodley1934YorkshireCCIII (2)Wigton Knowle, Alwoodley Gates, Alwoodley Moss
Leeds - Chapel Allerton1908YorkshireCCXXX (10)Gledhow, Gledhow park, Chapel Allerton, Lidget Park
Swillington1908YorkshireCCXIX (5)Austhorpe, Barrowby, Garforth Bridge, Barrowby Park, Swillington CommonBullerthorpe Lane, Swillington Lane
Boston Spa1938YorkshireCLXXXIX (7)Boston Spa, Thorpe ArchRiver WharfeLNER Church Fenton & Harrogate
Clifford1909YorkshireCLXXXIX (11)Clifford
Leeds - Wortley1932YorkshireCCXVII (12)Farnley Fireclay WorksWhitehall Road, Gelderd RoadLMSR, LMSR farnley Br, LMSR Heaton Lodge & Wortley
Leeds - Stanningley1933YorkshireCCXVII (2)Stanningley, Owl Cotes, HillfootLNER
Leeds - Stanningley1908YorkshireCCXVII (2)Stanningley, Owl Cotes, HillfootLNER
Leeds - Bramley1908YorkshireCCXVII (12)Farnley Iron Works, New farnley, Royds Works, Beeston RoydsGelderd RoadLNWR Leeds & Dewsbury, Farnley Br
Halifax1933YorkshireCCXXXI (9)Halifax Infirmary, SkirtcoatsKing Cross RoadLMSR Sowerby Bridge halifax & Bradford
Sharlston1932YorkshireCCXLVIII (12)LNER Crofton Br, LMSR dearne Valley Junction, LMSR, LNER Sandal Curve, LMSR
Leeds - Shadwell1908YorkshireCCIII (8)Shadwell, Red HallWin Moor lane
Leeds - Oulton1932YorkshireCCXXXIII (4)CastlefordRiver Aire,LNER, LNER Whitwood Br, Castleford East Br
Leeds - Rothwell1932YorkshireCCXVIII (16)Rothwell, Rothwell HaighPontefract Rd, Wakefield Road, River Aire, Aire 7 Calder navigationLNER, LNER Ardsley & laisterdyke, LNER Tyersal Curve, LNER Low Mo
Barkstone1933YorkshireCCXXXIV (7)CastlefordRiver AireLNER, LNER Whitwood Br, Castleford East Br
Wetherby Union1908YorkshireCLXXXVIII (6Rougemont, Low Weardley, The Grove, Harewood bridgeChurch Lane, River Wharfe
Eccup1908YorkshireCLXVIII (14)Swan Bushes, Grey Stone, Sugar Hills, High Wood, Eccup reservoir
Bradford - Drighlington1932YorkshireCCXVII (14)Westgate Hill, Tong moor, Moorlands, Drighlington, DolesWood, tong lane EndWhitehall Road, Westgate Hill StreetLNER Ardsley & Laisterdyke
Swilington1908YorkshireCCXIX (9)Hollinthorpe, Avenue Wood, Swillington, GemblethorpeBullerthorpe lane, Whitehouse Lane, Swillington lane
Sawley1908YorkshireCLXXXII (4)SawleyRiver Ribble
Leeds - Addingham1901YorkshireCLXVIII (12)Addingham, Addingham Moor, The GreenParsons Lane, Moor LaneMR Skipton & Ilkley Br
Linton1937YorkshireCLXXXIX (1)Linton, Devonshire Wood, Lime Kiln Wood
Kippax1908YorkshireCCXIX (10)Kippax Hollins, Brecks Wood, garforth CliffNER Leeds & castleford Br
Eccup1908YorkshireCLXXXVIII (13)Eccup, Eccup Whin

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